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The Problem

The Problem

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People not feeling culturally safe, not feeling that the mainstream system and methodology is reflective of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander People AND Non-Aboriginal not being equipped with Cultural sensitivities and practical skills to effectively work with, for and alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. 

The Solution,

Our Solution

Rewire HR functions from hiring, on boarding to performance management and development for HR to be truly inclusive. Eliminating unconscious bias, making policy and procedure transient enough to be culturally diverse and to support business to create a safe space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People to learn, grow and flourish. 


We work with you, the business, to create a consultancy project that meets your needs, both known and unknown. We immerse ourselves into your business which allows for two way learning, whilst producing high value, high impact outcomes for both your business and for Aboriginal People and Communities.

Whilst each of our projects is custom built for each business check out an example model of a project:



and Review 

Evaluation and Review of documents such as 

  • Position Descriptions

  • Job Adverts

  • Policies 

  • Procedures

  • Strategic Plans 

  • RAPs

  • Capability Statement

  • + much more



to the business

Once we have done our evaluation and review we come back to you with recommendations on how we may be able to improve, change, develop and innovate. 


Content Writing and Development

Now that we have agreed on items deliverable following the recommendations session we now commence the writing and content development phase for your business. 


Training and Practical Use

We believe now that we have written content for your business that we now train your staff on how to use it AND why the changes have been made. 

We are all on the reconciliation journey together and we couple Cultural Capacity Training with a practical skills

component specifically for Aboriginal HR. 


Ongoing Support 

and Aftercare

Once we complete the consultancy project we collect data from your people, reviews, feedback to ensure we answer any questions before we exit, however we offer ongoing support and aftercare.

This is true partnership. 


Lets look at how Dhiira could add value to your business today - get in touch

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