Snapped: KU Children's Services, Cultural Capacity and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment and HR


Looking for facilitation with a flare? 


Our style of facilitation is engagement 101 - big energy, big thinking and tapping in to collective genius. 


We want to ensure that we get the most out of every moment we have in the space, and we do this through human connectivity. We work with people, humans and we. acutely understand it is our responsibility to lead the learn.  


We are not standard in our approach, we are bold. 


"Our team walked into the session unaware of accountability, change and collaboration. But with the guidance and direction from Leroy as the Facilitator, we were able to have honest and respectful conversations on how we do our business better. Our desired outcomes were meet above and beyond my expectations. I truly believe, we wouldn't have had the same empowering response, if we didn't engage Dhiira. Thank you so much for igniting our fire again, I cannot thank you enough. Much appreciated brother"


- Tareka Chatfield, Director People & Culture, Koiop Connect

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