Year in Review, 2019

2019 has been a journey, period.

This year has been a year has been a massive year in determining my path and understanding my destiny, I believe that things happen as they are supposed to, sometimes I struggle to understand that, but I know that each moment has a lesson to be learned about self, about others and about the world.

Not only have I embarked on the scariest venture ever, starting a business but I have also done a lot of self-growth, I’ve learnt to be what I used to call ‘selfish’, especially with my time, I have learnt the power of relationships and I have had some remarkable people hold up a mirror to show me what I am, what I can be and what impact I can have on this world.

I have spent some time the past few weeks reflecting, looking at gratitude, the challenges, the moments this year that know I will look back on in years to come and be thankful for and I have a few key lessons I wanted to share with you.

Knowledge is power

Following from the first block of 3 from MURRA I went into overdrive, what can I do with this opportunity. It redefined my pathway into the future. I started looking to myself for validation rather than from others.

I spent a lot of time unpacking my need for praise from others to quantify my worth. This was a dangerous mind set because it boxed me into a narrow lane, and outside of this lane sat a whole new world of opportunity.

Sure, I went through a really grey period in this evolution, but with my best around me I came through and now sit here, self-employed, on a mission to change the world.

The world needs new, the world needs value, the world needs Aboriginal perspectives and culture, there is power in collaboration, human understanding and vision.

Understanding self-worth

It seems that in recent years I have determined my success, my capability, my talents, my weaknesses purely based on the opinion of others. While this is an important part of understanding self through the eyes of others, this is not the ONLY source we need to look at to understand our own power.

This year I was fortunate to cross paths with some incredible people who I will not name, they will know who they are, these people almost held up a mirror for me to look back at myself, rather than look to them for the answers or validation I was looking for.

I learnt to reclaim time, to sit down with myself and have an internal conversation, how are you doing? What are you proud of? Where do you want to be? And why?

You do not need the validation of those around you as the main determinant for your happiness, you deserve happiness in whatever form this comes for you. Take the time to source this from within, listen to yourself and invest time to understand your power.

I am still convincing myself daily that I am good enough, I am talented enough, I can do this because for so many years all I heard was you are not good enough, you are talentless and you can't do that. I am slowly changing the voices around me and the voice inside.

Overcoming fear

I have always thought of myself as a pretty confident person, determined, innovative and solution focussed, but I learnt this year that I wasn’t completely unafraid of fear, I masked it with confidence, with determination.

Through the journey of understanding how knowledge is power and self-worth I was finding myself questioning my decisions of the past, now and the future. I was at a crossroads, to realise a dream through a massive, volatile, high risk move into business or to sit comfortable in a good job, financially secure and stable.

I had some of the people around me say you have what it takes, you have a great idea, you have something the world needs, go, run, jump… but I found myself saying no. Making excuses like this isn’t the right time, I am developing the business before I jump, I want to save some more money before I leap.

These were all valid excuses but were all masking one key thing, Fear. I was so scared to change my world; I was scared to take the gamble. At that moment when I realised, I was masking fear, I was able to start removing the layers of fear, the fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the fear of public humiliation. I was able to counteract those rational and irrational fears and plan for and around them. Ultimately, allowing me to do the damn thing.

Now I have a much more honest relationship with fear, we understand each other and this will make my life a lot easier in the future.

New Vibe Challenge 2020

I have launched a new vibe challenge through my social media channels this week, listing 5 things I am going to practice as my NEW VIBE these five things are;

Check out our Instagram page @dhi.ira or facebook @DhiiraPtyLtd to join the movement and to start you NEW VIBE in 2020.

Overall there was a lot more to my narrative in 2019 but the rest is either still being unpacked, being processed or deeply personal (I am working on my vulnerability).

I am focussed, clear and ready for a massive 2020 and beyond in this new space I have landed in.

If you have any lessons in your year that relate to what I have written about today please get in touch, I love the conversations about self-growth and am always on the lookout for new mentors and accountability partners.

Happy new decade may it bring you peace, prosperity and happiness!


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