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Dhiira Pty Ltd is a 100% Aboriginal Owned and Managed Professional Services firm, we specialise in providing the Aboriginal Lens on Strategy, Recruitment, Leadership, Operations and Human Resources through maximising the value of diversity, we support businesses to execute on targets, aspirations and commitments through:

  • How to effectively develop, implement and evaluation strategy and framework

  • Advising business on Aboriginal Affairs 

  • Supporting organisation and individual capability through tailored training packages

  • Developing high impact Aboriginal Employment Practices 

  • Developing the right, achievable, innovative commitments under Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP), Targets or Aspirations

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In current years there have been countless Aboriginal employment commitments, targets and strategies formulated with the best intentions at heart, yet in most cases are underperforming. Dhiira is the linkage, the solution. 


Dhiira meaning 'branch' in the Khuttung language is the core of the business, we assist, nurture and grow these branches (dhiira) of business and enterprise. 


We believe our model will see real social impact to countless Aboriginal People and Communities but we cant do it alone, this is a collaboration, a partnership and we need your business to get us well and truly out of the shadows and into the light, the light we need to grow, together.

If we don't have the answer for your need, we know the right business or person for you to connect with. 


Join our cause - Lets change the world one dhiira at a time.







Leroy is a Worimi and Ngarrindjeri man born in Taree, regional New South Wales, and having spent the majority of his life in Newcastle, New South Wales, Leroy is a young Aboriginal leader that has a passion for innovation and positive change.


Leroy has had a successful Executive Leadership career in the Aboriginal Not-For-Profit Employment sector with a background in Banking and Finance. 


Leroy is the Founder and Managing Director of Dhiira Pty Ltd, an Aboriginal Consultancy Business focussing on bringing true inclusion into the HR realm through ‘Aboriginal HR’, Humanising business through Culture. With Leroy’s lens on the world being one of opportunity not challenge or obstacle he is forging a new lane.


Leroy is an innovator, a creative, a fresh thinker, non-conventional, far too energetic, does not have an ‘inside voice’ and is on a mission to change the game and flip the script. 



Kumarah is a Pambilang woman born and raised in Newcastle, NSW.


Kumarah is a passionate and energetic Aboriginal leader with a solid history of delivering social and cultural outcomes, and sound operational results across the private, public & not-for-profit sectors.


A “people person” with refined communication skills & an empathetic nature that instinctively builds strong, leverageable relationships, with people from all walks of life.


With a speciality in the operational management of Government and Not-for-Profit organisations by using extensive skills in business management, human resources, financial management and economic growth, and community and stakeholder engagement. 


Kumarah is a committed member of the Aboriginal community who engages with various not-for-profit organisations to create change, support those in need and to enhance the lives of others. This allows for the use of life experiences and generational cultural knowledge to create safe and appropriate workplaces and projects to support Aboriginal people to their right for Cultural Freedom and self determination in Australia.

Dhiira Art - Transparent.png


Dhiira is represented within the central circle of the painting, working closely with a company, forming relationships and sharing knowledge. From here the company grows outwards using the knowledge gained, allowing them to create their own connections and to become more culturally aware. 

Dhiira in Khuttung language translates to branch. A closer look at the painting will reveal branches growing directly from the central point, expressing the cultivation of this growth within a company by Dhiira from the very beginning. 

Within this work you can find many references to circles, this is to represent the knowledge shared by Dhiira growing radially rather than along a straight line. This radial growth means continual growth, instead of coming to a final ending point. 

Through this painting I hope to show the way in which Dhiira nurtures your company from the beginning to allow for it to have a better and more inclusive future with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. 


This artwork was commissioned and completed an incredible young, Aboriginal Artist Jasmine Miikika Craciun 

Visit Jasmine's website here

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